When warm winds blow again

“There’s nothing new, so don’t ask,” she laughs. 

Sometimes life is just getting up, starting work, eating dinner, going to bed. And doing it again.

Weeks pass, filled with insignificant moments. I don’t bother to write about them. 

Months pass of the mundane Monday to Friday hum-drum. 

Life is painfully ordinary. 

Until it’s not. 

Until it’s just painful. 

Until I’m standing in the kitchen without motivation to do anything, say anything. All I can think about is how this piece of writing will break his family’s heart.

Until I’m sitting right where I got her text that he’s gone. I just met him two weeks before and now I’ll never see him again.

I move to a city near the mountains and they tell me they can’t believe I’ve never heard about Chinooks. They can’t believe I’ve never felt the warm sun after the great winds blow down the Rockies into the flat prairie lands below. 

A break in the winter. A taste of warmer weather. 

“I think we can trust God,” I tell her in the middle of the worst day of her month. “If He’s God, things are not as they appear to us always.” 

What seems worldwide only has a twenty mile radius. 

The winter winds rage, but the Chinook winds still come. 

The clouds break. 

Pain turns into a dull ache. 

And fear grows grey, is forgotten. 

“Let’s do this day everyday,” he says of our lazy Sunday afternoon, fishing by the river. 

Of course, we can’t. 

But we will today. We’ll let this day be what it is. A break in the storm. A pause to the winter. 

The sun, an electric charge of courage. 

Until it’s not. 

Until I’m standing in the kitchen without motivation to do anything.

Except to remember this ordinary day, fishing by the river.

And how they always come around again.

Maybe with older connections, wiser eyes. Lonely hearts. Shaking hands. 

But the great winds come around again. 

And the sun shines above the storm clouds. 

And God is at work–far beyond. 

God is. 

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” Isaiah 55:8-9       

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